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Tree Trimming

Properly maintained trees add great value to your property which increases every year. Pruning or Trimming your trees can improve your trees in many ways.

These include:

  • Thinning for light and wind filtration
  • Elevating lower tree limbs
  • Eliminating weight at end of limbs to prevent splitting or limb failure
  • Mistletoe removal (Parasite that will kill tree if left unchecked)
  • Thinning for visibility
  • Shaping of ornamental trees, shrubs and hedges
  • Mangrove Trimming

Mangroves are tropical trees that offer a unique habitat along Florida’s estuaries. Three species of mangroves are native to Florida: Red mangrove, Black mangrove and White mangrove. The Department of Environmental Regulation protects the trimming of these mangroves. Jenkins Tree Service has the training and knowledge to understand these complex laws. We can prune your mangroves professionally and meet all state and local requirements.