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Tree Removal

Tree removal is required for trees that have become dangerous to people or property.

These would include the following:

  • Dead, dying or diseased trees
  • Trees that have cracks or splits in trunks or crotches
  • Storm damaged trees
  • Decayed trunks or root rot
  • Trees outgrowing a safe area

There are times that the removal of a tree is the only option. The process of removing a tree varies with every tree. The location of the tree dictates the method of removal. Most front yard trees are removed by the use of a bucket truck and experienced riggers. In circumstances where there is no access to get a bucket truck near the tree, a professional climber and rigger is required. Climbers have the ability to attend many training courses around and many different aspects of the Arbor industry. Getting into the tree is the easy part! The techniques employed by a master rigger are the difference in how safely the tree is brought down.